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Quickbooks is unable to backup the company file You can create company files, maintain records and generate invoices. For one or the other reasons, you need to have a backup of your company file. But, QuickBooks can sometimes encounter certain errors while creating backups of the company file.

Reasons for occurrence of this error are:
• There may be no storage devices to store the backed up data.
• Company files may be damaged, which can cause failure in creating the backup.

Ways to fix this error:

You can fix this error by running QuickBooks verify and rebuild data tool.
It will resolve all the damage in the company file data.
For this, go to the menu and select utilities.
From the option of utilities, select the option of rebuild data.
And, on the backup company file pop up, click OK.

Hopefully, the issue which arises due to not being able to create a backup of the company file is fixed. But, if you are still stuck somewhere, you can call QBSsolved at +1(888) 910 1619 and our team of expert assistance will help you fix all your queries.