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Wow – this is going to be great.

Playing with this now and getting some issues:

1) WITHOUT battery power to the crumble (just USB power) and using a connection from + to the input pads:
A and B go HI for a second in Scratch, then revert to LO
C – nothing happens
D – both C and D go HI, then revert to LO!

2) WITH battery power to crumble:
same as above, but sensor values remain HI until you disconnect, instead of going LO after a few seconds

3) Loading programs makes Scrumble go potty – have to restart it

4) Setting a motor to 0 does not turn off the LED, you need to [broadcast (join [Motor1] [OFF])]

Many thanks for this tho – another big step forward!


P.S. Am I allowed to call it ‘Scrumble’ in my head?