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Hi Simon,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems getting your Crumble to work.

The Crumble uses a driver that is built into Windows (USB HID), so there is no separate driver to download and install. Because of this, it shouldn’t matter if you plug the Crumble in before you install the software (as is sometimes the case with USB devices).

The USB VID and PID (shown in the hardware ID) are not the Crumble’s, which is a little strange! Can you confirm that the entry with that ID is only present when the Crumble is plugged in? Googling the VID and PID shown, suggests it’s some kind of Guitar link.

On certain systems, it can sometimes take a minute for Windows to set up the HID driver. It might be worth leaving the Crumble plugged in for a minute and trying the software.

If you’re looking for the Crumble in the Device Manager, it can be found hiding under ‘Human Interface Devices’ as ‘HID Compliant Device’ or ‘HID Compliant vendor defined device’. Could you check for an entry there?

Finally, could you confirm what message you get when you try and program the Crumble from the software?

Sorry about all the questions!

Best wishes,