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Many thanks for quick turnaround – replacement Crumble arrived in mail this morning.

Plugged it in, drivers said to have installed ok, and ran a basic motor program and motor LEDs ran fine.
Attached sparkle baton (D -> D and power on baton…a couple of LEDS came on.
Ran program to drive the baton LEDs…but code console locked up.
Killed code console and restarted – still hangs trying to communicate with crumble.
Killed console and unplugged crumble and put in another USB port. This time windows reports device failure. Try another port….unable to install drivers.
Try another port. Device manager reports that the device is working ok. Try code console…locks up talking to crumble again. mmmmmmmm it must be me or the PC. Can’t be both crumble controllers failing.
Lets try a PC with Windows 10 on just in case.
Plug in crumble…unable to install drivers. Try another USB port – Code 10..cant talk to device. Try another port – Device manager says all ok. Install code console and try basic program…locks up trying to communicate with crumble.

What am I doing wrong please ? I now seem to have 2 broken controllers.
Joseph, I am happy to return both to you for you to inspect but is there anything else you would like me to try from these machines to see if it is me ?

many thanks