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Many thanks for the prompt attention in trying to resolve this, much appreciated.

Both Crumbles are in the post back to you.

The original machine used is laptop with a Windows 7 operating system and service pack 1 – Nothing too special in any respect. I have access to other machines with Win7 on and also a Windows 10 installation (all on laptops)
I can’t help but think it something in my set up that is exposing this, seems too much of a coincidence.
I’m unsure if I mentioned it before but the very first Crumble interacted for an hour so before I got the lock and there was a hibernate of the OS between it working and it failing. Can’t think how that would affect it but all snippets worth considering.

Hope we are able to identify the cause, and solution, soon as everyone here keen to get creative with the crumble kits and pieces.

Thanks again for all your help