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That would be great, a “Crumble Cluster” 🙂

Also it would be good if we could attach USB sticks to the port to read/write data files, or an SD card could be attached to the I2C of the Crumble chip. Can you imagine a Crumble data logger project, for example: A little Crumble bot travelling around, building a map of its surroundings, written to a file…recording sensor readings…

There could also be two types of Crumble, a basic one with 4 i/o ports and a bigger version with 8 ports. Plus, having all 10 bits of the ADC would be nice…

The Crumble project has awesome potential, it is so much easier to use than the Arduino, but it does need to be made more capable than it is at the moment – which is possible with a little work!