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    Well basically I’m a die hard Scratch 1.4 person from the early days.
    Also, not a fan of online Scratch 2.0 (any online system is bound to fail at the most inappropriate time 🙂

    And offline Scratch wants to either update Air or itself every lesson and is therfore a pain in the neck to use practically.

    And then Scratch say that they are ditching support for the current method of offline extensions so that’s another problem 🙁

    And ScratchCrumble is an fork of my ScratchGPIO for the RaspberryPi

    To address the bespoke commands issue, I’m developing using BYOB (the Scratch 2/Snap pre-cursor) for that purpose

    I didn’t go do the BYOB route with ScratchGPIO as it needs more CPU power than the original Pi could give but now that Pi2 is here – its where I’m planning on going.

    I might develop Scratch 2 extensions if more demand but I’m only at the late beta stage with ScratchCrumble and not tested it yet in real classroom use.

    Finaly caveat – the libraries ScratchCrumble needs are currently not open-source so it would be hard (mabye impossible) to develop Scratch 2 extensions at the moment (I’m not a Scratch 2 extension expert but that would be my guess)

    Download BYOB and try out using this file


    BYOBDocsNearly there 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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