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    Would it be possible to implement a comment block? I usually stress the need to document code, at least putting a title, your name and a date. Otherwise the filename has to carry all that information. Thanks

    Dr John

    I have used an assignment block to record my name as author, and the date.

    JohnFVersion = 3 + 29 + 06 + 2018

    I did have to create a new variable “JohnFVersion” but by not including it in the program, it has no run-time effect.

    But a comment block with free text would be great.

    Dr John

    I have found a way of putting in single-line positionable comments.

    Just drop a variable onto the screeen and save the file.

    Edit the .crm file to edit the name of the positioned variable.
    You can inclide spaces, punctuation, numbers, but not control characters.
    save the .crm file in the text editor, reload in the crumble editor and your comments can be positioned where you like.

    See attachment below.

    Not suitable for students however!

    Dr J


    Hi all,

    A comment block certainly wouldn’t go amiss – it wouldn’t be very difficult to add into the software either! I’ll take a note of it and pass it onto Joseph.

    As for your workaround John, I like it! But as you say, not too student friendly.




    Hello. Could I enquire after this not-so-new feature request?

    I would really like to stress how useful to both tutors and students it is to be able to do this easily. It really helps to be able to add a comment block briefly outlining what the following code does (or needs to do) that a student can then consider.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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