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    My crumble sparkles used to work. I have 2 individual sparkles and an 8 sparkle Baton. The only colour which they will light up is the standard red – once you change it they turn off. The red colour is so dim you can barely see it. I have cleaned the battery case and checked all the wires, swapped the crumble board, and made sure my code and circuit were right (following the diagram on the help page). If any knows a way to fix them please let me know – Thanks!


    Hi Daniel,

    Does it make a difference when you unplug the Crumble’s USB connection?

    There are a couple of possible things happening here:
    1) It could be that the batteries are nearly flat – the Red part of the RGB LED requires less power so when the batteries start to die, only the red may shine.
    2) If you have a loose connection in one of your croc-leads this could result in a signalling issue so it is worth double checking each one work properly.
    3)Another thing that can yield unusual results is if you connect the Sparkles back to front – make sure the arrow and D point to the right.

    If you continue to have any problems, please upload some clear photographs of your setup.

    Kind regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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