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    Just received my crumble starter kit, programmed the sparkled and used the switch.

    This is going to be great in my code club alongside the microbits.

    I have looked through the posts and found out that the motor outputs can drive 1.5A and that they are short circuit protected.

    A couple of questions on outputs A,B,C,D.
    Are they short circuit protected
    what is the current rating, can i connect a led for instance without a
    limiting resistor.



    Helen Roberts

    Hi, Steve.

    Yes: outputs A,B,C and D have a built-in series resistor to keep the current within the absolute maximum in case of short-circuit. This also means that LEDs can be connected directly. Typically, you get 10mA output.

    Hope your Code Club has fun with them!


    Dr John

    Further question on the capability of the motor outputs:
    Can I connect a 1.5v single cell battery in series with the output to get a faster motor speed?
    I have done this successfully with other robot designs, and therefore use a negative output to actually stop the motor.
    To put it another way: Is the output driver a simple transistor bridge (like L293D) or is it a pair of amplifiers, capable of producing a low impedance output at all voltages?
    I can just read the letters embossed on the chip, but can find no data on it. Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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