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    I cannot reliably replicate this, sorry.

    I’m using iMac. USB drives are detected and shown on my desktop, the crumble is not. Neither is it shown in ‘Finder’ so there is no way to ‘eject’ the crumble.

    Today I was showing a friend how brilliant the Crumble is for actually doing stuff, so called ‘physical computing’ – without the need for shields/interfaces. I have a couple of crumbles. One is on the CRV and the other is just a test bed unit for practicing with crumbs, such as the servo, PIR, sparkles. We swapped between crumbles. Once, when attempting to run a programme, the error popped up “Crumble not found!” I swapped crumbles, took the lead out of crumble and iMac, put something else in the usb slot to see if it was that. Just the crumble.

    In the end, I gave up. Left everything connected. When I came back this afternoon, to look at it again – no problem. So the crumble and leads are OK.

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