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    Hello, It’s Ed!

    Would it be possible that at some point there could be IR sensors added in, so that you could use a IR remote to wirelessly control it!




    Dr John

    I have used PicAxe Basic to read TV remote commands in a number of line-following and wall-following robots.
    We need to “tune” variables like speed,proportion, and derivative to get the best results.
    I propose building a PicAxe 8-pin board that receives TV commends and outputs a single analogue signal to be received by a Crumblebot input. That way we can at least tune 1 parameter at a time while the robot is running.

    I will post progress to this thread.

    Dr John

    A feature that is useful alongside this is, the non-volatile storage of the tuning variables. Thus, there is no need to enter the tuning variables every time you switch on.

    You would need a different class of variables for this.

    These features are very good educationally. Students can see the effect of Derivative control immediately.
    The features are also essential for the quick turn-round needed in competitions.

    Dr John

    I haven’t implemented my PicaXe IR Crumb yet, but I propose to set 3 parameters in the picaxe. These can be sent to the crumble as 3 pulses, the voltage of which convey the parameter value, and the duration can indicate which parameter is being sent. I think 20 distinct voltages can be used, and 3 distinct durations.
    All 3 parameters can be sent at start-up (from EEPROM stored in the picaxe, and individual changes sent with a single pulse.
    It does mean the crumble code must scan the input continually however.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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