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    Can you please help me to understand more about the Crumble kit? What type of kit it is and what are its applications?
    What MCU it contains and what are its other hardware components?
    What about its power supply, what type of power supply it contains?
    Can you please post its schematic and other details here?


    The Crumble is a simle single board controller that can control 4 input/ouputs and 2 bi-directional motors as well sa up to 32 sparkles (special RGB LEDS)

    It can be programmed using its own Scratch like language and is intended for use in schools/code clubs and homes

    it is plugged into a computer (PC or MAC) via USB and can be used to switch LEDS on and off /read switches without any other power supply

    To run motors and other add-ons – a 3xAA battery pack is needed.

    The hardware is propriety

    best way to find out about them is to buy a starter kit


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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