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    Mel Evans

    I am trying to set up my Crumble so my boys can try it at the weekend. Software downloaded fine and I have connected everything including the battery pack. The code went through successfully, but the LEDs are not responding. One glows green permanently and the other flashes red once on connection and then goes off. What am I doing wrong!?


    By LEDS you mean sparkles?

    They are directional so make sure your connected D on Crumble to left-hand side on sparkle marked ->D->

    As well as connecting + and – from the ones at the top of the Crumble near the USB socket


    PS Are you able to get the little motor LEDs working OK just to check that your Crumble is working?

    Mel Evans

    Yes I mean sparkles! All the wires are connected in the way you describe. I will try the motor LEDs. To clarify, do I just code the Crumble with a motor instruction and look at the motor LEDs, without a motor attached? Was also wondering if I can connect the sparkles direct to the battery pack to check they and the leads are okay?

    Many thanks for your help.


    Hi Mel,

    Sorry to here you’re having some problems. Unfortunately, the Sparkles won’t light up if they are just powered (they need to receive a signal from the Crumble).

    If the software reports ‘Programming Successful’, then the Crumble is probably ok. If you program the Crumble to set a Sparkle to Red in a loop, it will constantly be sending the instruction to the Sparkle:

    Sparkle loop

    While this program is running, you can play with the croc leads and battery pack to see if it’s a connection issue.

    All the best,


    Mel Evans

    Thank you so much for your help. I have it all working fine this morning so I suspect the issue may have been a ‘fatigue related user error.’ Papier Mache pumpkin is all set up to be coded today!

    Thanks again I really appreciate it!


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