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    First: I am loving the Crumble! Among many reasons:
    a) simple motor control
    b) PLUS simple servo control in the same ‘recipe'(?) as (a)
    c) Fun with Sparkles!
    d) easy options for connections.
    e) All for £10 ex VAT – less than many ‘shields’ for Arduino and Pi and about the same as extensions to the MICROBIT
    Because of the above, I am hoping to be able to design a buggy to carry a robot arm such as the Me-Arm which uses four micro servos.

    Request 1
    Can the boxes change colour as they operate, or have a little dot or flag next to them as the programs runs? Perhaps have a kind of ‘debug mode’ which can step through the ‘recipe’/ programme as the user presses the space bar? I see there is feedback when connected by USB as sensor variables show values on the PC.

    Big ask 2
    Context, I am thinking of using Crumble in KS3. If possible, can the programming be done in a recognised text based language such as BASIC or Python?

    Whopping great big mega ask?
    Can you develop a Double Crumble please? That is, double the GPIO and Motor and Sparkle Ports

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