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    Hi, I’ve just got a crumble with a couple of sparkles. The battery pack is linked to the crumble correctly, sparkles to the crumble + – and the output lead to D. Just like the picture on page 1 of getting started (for the sparkles)

    I can get the sparkles to operate correctly, but only with the green lead from D on the crumble. Not A, B, or C

    A,B,C,D all work as inputs (for example wait until A is high) to do the sparkle routine. But the sparkles only work with D as output.

    The motor outputs are both working correctly.

    why can’t I get the sparkles going from A B or C? ‘Set sparkle’ only works with D

    On my Crumble Robotic Vehicle, A B C work the sparkles


    The sparkles are only designed to work on the D output.

    I’ve no idea how on earth they could be working from A B or C on the Crumble Robotic Vehicle!



    Sorry Simon, must have been tired and mistaken about ABC.

    Is there a detailed documentation sheet we can get please?
    Like how much power do the motor outputs provide? Also ABCD as outputs?

    Thanks for clearing that up about sparkles.


    I think I’ve just replied to your contact form submission, so sorry if I’m repeating myself!

    I have updated the getting started guide with a little more information on analogue inputs. I also hope to put together a datasheet containing the technical information soon.

    The DRV8835 (motor driver IC) can handle up to 1.5A per output. It also has over-current protection and thermal shutdown so will easily survive short circuits etc.

    You do need to watch the start-up current draw though, this can cause a voltage drop which can reset the Crumble (but not damage it).

    All the best,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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