Community Spotlight: Problem Solving Club

Through multiple conversations we’ve had with people over the last 18 months, we have known for a long time that we’ve wanted some kind of ‘community’ blog. This would be a place for us to share and showcase the fantastic work that you’ve all been doing with the Crumble.

Our first guest in the Community Spotlight is Sway Humphries (née Grantham). After having a chat with Sway at Raspberry Fields back in 2018, we had come to the conclusion that we definitely wanted to showcase the ways in which the Crumble was/is being used. Sway told us all about the fantastic ideas that her pupils had been having, and that she would send across some videos. Fast forward seven months, with everyone having seemingly forgotten, we received an email. Sway was at BETT and suddenly had a Crumbly epiphany. Attached was the information for a blog, so here goes!

The following footage and ideas stem (excuse the pun) from a group of 7-9 year olds, taking part in a ‘Problem Solving Club’. All of the creations were planned and created in a single session!

First up, we have a ‘Flood Defence System’. When the water level gets too high, the alarm sounds.

The Flood Defence System in action

Next, we have a ‘Fire Navigating System’. When there is a fire, the alert is switched on and it shows you which way to go to get to the nearest exit.

The Fire Navigating System being put to the test

Finally, we have the ‘Stress-o-meter’. Every time something stressful happens in the day, you press the button, and the scale, as shown on the Sparkle Baton is increased. When the meter reaches the top, a separate LED worn on a wristband is switched on. This then alerts everyone else not to give you any more bad news as it’ll all be too much!

The Stress-o-meter showing us when to steer clear!

As you can see, all of these ideas are fantastic – and given the fact that they were planned for and achieved within one session is incredible.

If you have any great work you want to share with us, get in touch!

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