Training Provider? Get in touch!

One of the many questions we get asked on a regular basis, especially when at shows like Bett, is ‘do you do training?’ Whilst we absolutely love getting hands-on with a group of teachers eager to learn, we unfortunately haven’t got the capacity to offer such services. This is where you may be of assistance. 

We know that there are many many advocates of the Crumble, all around the country and we want to be able to direct people to contact suitable services in their area. We are having a bit of a website overhaul in the not-too-distant future and we want to provide a form of directory to help connect trainers to potential clients.

So if you offer training with the Crumble controller, or you know of people who do, could you fill in the following form and get in touch. We will then verify your information and, when the time comes, add it to our own directory.

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