Crumble Software

New in version 1.5.8 (1st Oct 2023):

  • Added Sparkle Matrix block
  • Improved Sparkle Baton block
  • Optimised zoom speed and clarity of graphics
  • Support for high resolution displays on Mac and Linux
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End-User License Agreement
The Crumble software is free to download and install on as many machines as you need for the purposes of programming the Crumble Controller. You can find the full EULA here.
Download Crumble-1.5.8-win32.msi (31.4 MB)
Requires Windows 7 SP1 or newer.

Download crumble-1.2.13.msi (15.2 MB)
Requires Windows XP or newer.
Mac OS X
Download Crumble-1.5.8.dmg (66.4 MB)
Requires OS X 10.9 (64-bit) and above.
Chrome OS
Please visit the Chrome Web Store on a Chromebook to install the Crumble App.

The Crumble App can also be installed via the Chrome Admin Console by selecting Add App by ID (ID: bnhpbkockjdlpabghffolflefoekodob).

End-of-Life Chromebooks

If your Chromebook no longer receives updates, and you are seeing a pop-up stating you need to update Chrome before you can install an app, you can currently access the legacy Web Store to install Crumble.

Note: Chrome Apps are being discontinued in 2025. The Crumble programming environment will be available as a website before the app is deprecated.

Linux (deb)
Download crumble_1.5.8_all.deb (125.0 KB)
This release has been tested on:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS, 23.04 (daily build 2023-03-01)
  • Raspberry Pi OS (bullseye), released Feb 21st 2023


On Raspberry Pi OS, the .deb file can simply be double-clicked to install via a GUI. Any dependencies will be automatically downloaded. A Crumble icon will be added to the desktop menu.

On Ubuntu, right click on the .deb file and select ‘Open with Other Application’, select ‘Software Install’, and click the Install button.

Installation (command line)

Change directory to the location of downloaded file, for example:

cd Downloads

Install the Crumble software:

sudo apt install crumble_1.5.8_all.deb

Coming soon

  • Chrome OS version (beta version currently available)
  • Multilingual version
  • Live monitoring of input and outputs
  • Text based language

Version history

Version 1.5.8:

  • Added Sparkle Matrix block
  • Improved Sparkle Baton block
  • Optimised zoom speed and clarity of graphics
  • Support for high resolution displays on Mac and Linux

Version 1.4.13:

  • Added support for Pitch Smart Crumb
  • Added block to turn off Digits Smart Crumb
  • Added basic zoom functionality
  • Improved USB connection stability
  • Added message if USB connection lost
  • Large code update to support latest versions of Linux
  • Now requires Windows 7 SP1 or above and Mac OS 10.09 or above
  • Other small fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.11:

  • Added support for Smart Crumbs
  • Added new servo block for 270 degree servos
  • macOS version now runs without security warnings

Version 1.2.13:

  • Fixed a problem in the Windows version that could stop programming to work as expected.

Version 1.2.9

  • This version has been released to allow some of the new improvements coming in the next major update to be used now.
  • Several optimisations to the Crumble compiler means (typically) more than double the amount of code will fit in the Crumble.
  • Added a Sparkle Baton block.
  • Fixed a bug that meant ‘Crumble not found’ was displayed when a program was too long to fit in memory.
  • Fixed a bug which caused files not to open when no language information was present.
  • Fixed file opening on Mac OS X when a file is double-clicked or dragged to the Crumble icon.
  • Improved error reporting and added free memory information.
  • Many other small fixes and improvements.

Version 1.0.13

  • Added undelete function to recover the last deleted blocks
  • Servos will now continue to work after program has ended (i.e. no need to add a wait command or loop)
  • Added servo off block to “power down” servo
  • Stop button now turns all Sparkles off and stops servos (i.e. they behave in the same way as motors)
  • Added bounds checking on motor speed so it can be more easily controlled with variables
  • Restructured code ready for multilingual release
  • Other small improvements and fixes

Version 1.0.0

  • Added a duplicate function (right-click)
  • Added ability to enter fractions of seconds in the wait block
  • Bumped the version number to 1.0.0 to properly reflect the fact the software is not in beta testing
  • Improved dragging behaviour of nested blocks
  • Updated the Sparkle data timings to fix an issue which affected the latest batch of Sparkles
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when cancelling the Sparkle colour dialog on Windows
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Crumble to freeze when addressing a Sparkle with a negative index (using a variable)

Version 0.25.2

  • Tweaked HC-SR04 adding preliminary support of single pin mode
  • Added python-cairo dependancy in linux

Version 0.25.1

  • Added support for HC-SR04 distance sensor
  • Added file association and icon to Linux (MIME type information)

Version 0.24.2

  • Fixed memory bug that could cause a Crumble to temporarily lockup
  • Restructured USB code for Linux version
  • Small bug fixes

Version 0.24.1

  • Added user named variables
  • Added new Sparkle blocks
  • Fix a programming bug that meant the Crumble firmware could become corrupted in rare circumstances (this is a recommended update)

Version 0.23.2

  • Added servo control block for ABC and D (up to 4 servos)
  • Added random number block
  • ABC or D can now be used as an input and an output in the same program

Version 0.21.0

  • Changed behaviour of stop button so the Crumble’s I/O is reset

Version 0.20.4 (windows only)

  • Fixed bug that could prevent the software from launching in rare circumstances

Version 0.20.3 (windows only)

  • Fixed additional “cx_Freeze: Python error in main script” errors affecting windows version

Version 0.20.2 (windows only)

  • Fixed “cx_Freeze: Python error in main script” error affecting windows version

Version 0.20.1

  • Fixed analogue read in operator block
  • Checks for newer software on launch (displays message in toolbar if available)

Version 0.20.0

  • Implemented live monitoring of variables when connected via USB (still 7 fixed names)
  • Fixed bug affecting sequences of analogue reads from more than one pin
  • Fixed bug with wait ms and variables

Version 0.19.4

  • Fixed motor speed bug
  • Digitally signed windows installer
  • Added ‘turn sparkle off’ block

Version 0.19.2

  • If-Else block
  • Logical operations (AND, NOT & OR)
  • Variables (currently 7 fixed names until version 0.20.0) and maths functions
  • Analogue inputs
  • Set sparkle colour using variables
  • Counted loops
  • New categorised sidebar
  • New ‘wait milliseconds’ statement (‘wait seconds’ now only takes integers)
  • Small improvements and bug fixes

Version 0.13.9 (Alpha)

  • Fixed OS X disk image
  • Small changes to match new, soon-to-be released, instructions

Version 0.13.8 (Alpha)

  • Improved noise resilience of inputs (helps when using motors)
  • Merged motor speed block and basic motor block

Version 0.13.7 (Alpha)

  • Fix Mac OS X launch bug.
  • Added motor speed control.
  • Added toolbar with less intrusive program messages.
  • Other bug fixes and tweaks.

Version 0.13.3 (Alpha)

  • Added file open/save ability.
  • Fixed value entry bug.
  • Fixed I/O initialisation bug when sending a new program.
  • Mac OS X now supplied as a disk image.
  • Other bug fixes and tweaks.

Version 0.12 (Alpha)

Built for OS X 10.6 (intel 64-bit) and above.

Version 0.11 (Alpha)

Fixes windows bug when clicking in quick succession.

Version 0.1 (Alpha)

First release implements basic features for testing:

  • Motor control (no speed control yet)
  • Basic Sparkle commands (set colour in software)
  • Digital input sensing
  • Boolean control blocks and loops