Crumble Software Pre-release

New in version 1.3.6 Beta (3rd April 2022)

  • Fixed programming glitches in previous 1.3.X versions for larger programs (bug in windows only)
  • Added new Servo block with type option
New in version 1.3.4 Beta (10th March 2022)

  • Added Digits and Force Smart Crumbs
New in version 1.3.1 Beta (22nd October 2021)

  • Initial support for Smart Crumbs
New in version 1.1.2 Beta (28th November 2018)

  • Software autodetects default language and switches on startup
  • Files save language setting
Added in version 1.1.0 Beta (13th November 2018)

  • Added initial draft translations for blocks and some GUI text:
    • Welsh
    • Chinese
    • Czech
    • Dutch
Download crumble-1.3.6.msi (15.2 MB)
Requires Windows XP SP3 or newer.
Download Crumble-1.3.9.dmg (30.6 MB)
Requires OS X 10.6 (64-bit) and above.