Getting Started: Flashing the Motor LEDs

One of the very first things you can do when you get started with a Crumble, is to flash the Motor LEDs. This is pretty much the ‘Hello, World!’ program within the Crumble ecosphere.

It’s really easy to do, and it doesn’t require anything other than a Crumble, micro USB lead and a computer with the software installed.

So to get started, connect the USB lead into your computer, and connect that to the Crumble.

Now, if you haven’t already done so, open up the Crumble software. To get a motor LED on, we’re going to run the following program. Drag the blocks from the toolbar, connect them together, and hit play when you’re ready.

All being well, you should see a message telling you that programming was successful. Take a look at your Crumble – you should see that the motor LED is now on. Well done for writing your first Crumble program!

Now let’s move onto flashing the motor LED. As before, drag your blocks over and have a go at writing the following program. Before you run it, think about what it might do.

Hint: You can change/edit parts of blocks that are white or grey – click on the word ‘forwards’ to cycle through to stop.

Hopefully your motor LED is now flashing away. If you want to make the other side flash, simply click on the ‘1’ in the motor block, and it will change to 2!

Programming the Crumble is as easy as that! When you feel comfortable, you can move onto connecting the battery pack along with other components, like Sparkles, switches buzzers etc. If you want any ideas or inspiration for what to make, check out our blog or project pages.

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