Large LED

The Large LED, like the Buzzer, is one of the easiest crumbs to set up and use in your projects. It is clearly labelled (+-), and its built-in resistor means that you don’t have to worry about additional components, or the risk of breaking it.

The + on the LED needs to be connected to an output on the Crumble (A, B, C or D) and then – on the LED needs to connect to a – pad on the Crumble.

Note: Don’t forget you will need to add batteries.

Screeny Shot 9 Nov 2017, 09.21.21

This block is the one which you will use to control the LED. Click the letter or HI to switch between options.


Screeny Shot 9 Nov 2017, 11.18.01

In this example the code turns on the LED, waits for one second, and then turns it off again. This means that the LED will be on for one second. It will do this indefinitely.

Here is the LED working, using the code mentioned earlier.


Where next?

LEDs can be used in a variety of projects; they can be used to add lights to vehicles, send messages or even liven up a t-shirt!