Line Follower

The line-following widget is a clever, and useful set of components. It allows the user to read analogue values, which vary depending on how light/dark a colour it is over. This then enables you to create a line-following robot!

It is simple to set up. It needs a + and – output from the Crumble/battery pack and then the left(L) and right(R) pads need to be connected to any two I/O pads (A, B, C or D). You can then monitor the left and right analogue values of the pads from the software.

Note: Don’t forget you will need to add batteries.

Screeny Shot 9 Nov 2017, 12.12.00

The block that makes the magic happen.

Screeny Shot 9 Nov 2017, 12.11.32

This is one example of using the line follower digitally and this works best when it is less than 4mm away from the surface. If B is HI, then turn motor one, if C is HI turn motor 2.

Here is the line follower in action!

Where next?

The line follower is a very powerful thing, with uses from line-following buggies, to proximity sensors!