Crumble Cub Robot

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Crumble Universal Buggy with 3D printed chassis from UK STEM.

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The Cub derives its name from from the acronym for Crumble Universal Buggy, and it certainly lives up to it!

The kit includes:

  • Robot chassis with pen holder for narrow and broad markers
  • Crumble controller
  • Sparkle
  • USB lead
  • 2 Motors
  • 2 wheels with tyres
  • Line follower widget
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Croc leads
  • AA Battery box

The 3D printed chassis of the robot (designed by UKSTEM) is clip and slot together with an estimated build time of 10 minutes.

Used as a drawing buggy, it’s a great introduction to controlling robots. Challenges can include drawing geometrical shapes, repeating patterns or get mathematical and work out the link between the program and what the buggy is doing. We highly recommend using the buggy with a white board marker on a surface that can be cleaned to allow for experimentation.

Using the line follower or ultrasonic module allows investigating and programming autonomous vehicles.