Sequence is all about how the code runs, and its order. Your instructions (program or code) need to be in the correct order so that it does what you want it to.

If you think about the classic ‘making a cup of tea’ analogy, each step is vitally important – especially the order. There’s no point in pouring the water into your mug if you haven’t boiled the kettle, or even filled the kettle up. Each step within your algorithm needs to be carefully thought about so that you achieve the desired results.

Take this for an example. You’re trying to write a program which makes a buggy drive through a maze. It’s important that the instructions (blocks) are in the correct order. If not, you wouldn’t make it around the course!

As for how this relates to our projects, by the very nature of sequencing, it is evident in all programming projects. The order of anything needs to be considered and looked at carefully.