Solar Kick-start Circuit

Often, the power available from a solar panel may be sufficient to keep a motor running, but not enough to overcome the device’s inertia and start the motor if it is not already running.

The Solar Kick Start circuit is designed to solve this problem by acting as a simple switch. A capacitor must charge to a fixed voltage (approx. 2.7V) before any power is delivered to the motor. This stored charge gives the motor a “kick” to start it turning. The switch then remains on to allow power from the solar panel to keep the motor running. If the motor stalls, power is disconnected, allowing the capacitor to recharge.

The on-board capacitor holds enough charge to start most small motors, but a larger capacitor can be connected across the input terminals. Additionally, a super-capacitor can be used to deliver large bursts of power (approx. 1 per hour).

This product will soon be available to purchase from Mindsets.