Card Buggy

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‘Crumble Card Buggy’
Instructions for setting up the Card Buggy.

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‘Ultrasonic Distance Sensor’

Instructions for setting up the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.

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‘Micro Switch’

Instructions for setting up the Micro Switch.

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‘Line Follower’

Instructions for setting up the Line Follower.

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‘Line Drawing’

Instructions for setting up the Card Buggy for line drawing..

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‘Getting It Moving’
The basics of getting your CRD Buggy built and moving about.

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‘Line Drawing’
Getting the buggy to draw shapes.

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‘Bump and Reverse’
How to turn your buggy into an obstacle-avoiding autonomous vehicle.

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‘Reverse Parking Sensor’
Make an audible alert when you get too close to an object.

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‘Line Following’
Getting your CRD Buggy to follow a black (or white) line.

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‘Possible Solutions’
Examples of programming solutions for the various activities.